Jungkook posts hilarious video lip syncing to Jimin’s “Promise”

Watching Jungkook lip sync and dancing to “Promise” is my new aesthetic.

On January 31, BTS’ Jungkook decided to post a video of himself lip syncing to his bandmate Jimin’s solo song “Promise” on Twitter.

The video is absolutely hilarious from Jungkook’s exaggerated facial expressions and hand gestures, dancing a little and knocking stuff over in his large, spacious closet (don’t ask me why he’s sitting in a closet — I have no idea). He even makes a twerking motion with his hands at the 0:29 second mark.

It all started when V released his solo song “Scenery”. Jimin posted a video of himself lip syncing to the song to show his support to V. But then out of nowhere, Jungkook came out with his own rendition of “Scenery”, one-upping Jimin by using dramatic faces and body movements. But clearly Jungkook was having a little too much fun with his camera, so he decided to make a similar video for “Promise”.

But while Jungkook was definitely in a playful mood, Jimin seemed to enjoy his little antics, because he responded to Jungkook’s tweet with the message “Aw cutie”, according to translators.

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