Keep your eyes on the prize. Ignore distracting people.

Achieving your goals can be challenging in itself. The last thing you need is someone distracting you. Keep your eyes on the price.

There is one that is missing that commonly messes people up, one I warned my kids about often: the person that encourages you to leave your path to do what they want.

For example: in school/college you know you have a test you need to study for but your “friend” (insert person there) keeps encouraging you to go to the club – because (insert celebrity here) is going to be there. Yet, you know you need to get an A on the test to keep your GPA up so you can accomplish the goals you set for yourself. You decided to study and prepare – give it your all. Your “friend” catches an attitude because you didn’t go or can’t go because you have to study or work.

The person to keep is the one that is going in a similar direction, understands your path and says, “need me to help you study?” or at the very least, “good luck!” and doesn’t catch an attitude or get offended because they know it’s nothing personal.

The one to let go of is the one that is draining you by consistently trying to distract you from the goals you want to accomplish. The root of the problem is that they are not as focused or ambitious as you are. If they were, they’d be busy doing their thing just like you. Even though you are going down different paths, you’d be trying your best to go in the same direction.


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