Kids should not be dying

The guys were over last night. We were chilling, watching the baseball games and playing some video games, when I receive the SOS text…a kid in the community was threatening suicide. I dropped what I was doing, as others did, to try to help this kid. He didn’t understand how his parents didn’t have money for things he needed and didn’t have time to help with homework or go to school events but they had money to buy Trayvon T-Shirts, go to vigils and post on Facebook. He truly believed he must be an awful human being if his parents were more focused on a child, that they never met, never spoke to, and can never meet…and he’s right there. They opted to go to the vigil over the open night of the play he worked so hard to get a part in as a distraction from his home life.

I’m not sure we were able to get help to him in time. The only thing we can do is wait and pray. There are children of all races and all ages dying and people seem to be focused on one that is already dead. How many kids died while people were attending vigils? Why doesn’t anyone get angry about them? I posted on Monday that just in Chicago 4 youths were shot and two died, in one day. What about THEIR justice?

RIP Carlos Vigil

While I can’t release the details of the kid I tried to help last night, this is the last words of a child who died by suicide last Saturday. Although he made it to the hospital, they were unable to save him. His name was Carlos VIGIL – kind of ironic, isn’t it?

RIP Carlos Vigil. RIP Antonio West. RIP Darius Simmons. RIP to all the kids who shouldn’t be dying. There are some people who care about you. I do.

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