Knowing the truth. Believing the lies.

I see often, in the gaming community, players wanting to love a game so much that they ignore obvious signs that the game isn’t what they hyped it up in their mind to be. Let’s look at an example.

When I first saw the top picture, I liked the decor. Zen, modern looking, simple, no clutter…very nice. But something seemed off. I looked deeper to see if I could see more of the house. The bottom picture is the bathroom.

There is no door to the bedroom and no door to the bathroom.

Sometimes people get so caught up loving or liking something they miss the obvious deal-breaker things that are right in their face. While the interior doors in my home are usually open, no doors to my bedroom or bathroom is a deal-breaker for me no matter how much I like a design.

I see this often with game developers. Things are said publicly, but if I think about it unemotionally, I can see where what they say is leading up to being different than people are hoping. The signs are there but people don’t want to see it because they “love” the developer or the game so much. Change doesn’t scare me. What does scare me is something being right in my face and I don’t see or accept it because I’m too busy “loving” or wanting it. I don’t want to lie to myself.


I posted the above image recently on Instagram. An example is knowing how things are on game launch day but believing I won’t experience problems because I want to get in the game and play. Or not wanting to believe when a game developer is clearly showing signs of going down the pay to win path. I used to be that way, but not anymore. That’s not realistic.

Or loving this house design so much I don’t notice the doors are missing…until after I sign a lease. ?

I don’t want to settle for something that is a deal-breaker for me. While I like the look of the design, and this design will make many people happy, it’s wrong for “me”.

Sometimes, to be happy, you have to walk away so you can find what makes you truly happy. No matter how much I might have loved the game.

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