League of Legends – I FINALLY get it! AP vs. AD (Skarner)

I finally found a champion that I like playing in League of Legends. I mean, I really enjoy playing him. His abilities make sense, he fits my play style, and I’m learning how to make an efficient build for him. I also turned on Smart Casting. I like it much better, at least on this champion.

Pink is one of my least favorite colors, so (to me) it’s a Shame he has pink on him and he is being re-worked. Depending on how much I like Lucian, maybe I’ll skin Skarner. I feel like I have more survivability playing him. As a new player, I realize I am still finding my niche in the game (what my strengths are). I did not see myself playing the jungle but perhaps that is the issue. The restrictions we face in life are because we place them on ourselves.

Update April 2014: Skarner rework is live.