League of Legends Season 3 Week 29 Champion Rotation

It’s like Riot Games knows what I am thinking. Let’s look at the rotation for League of Legends this week.

Every once in a while, I will make a temporary connection with a gaming company. I know it is the right time for me to be playing their game. I know this because it is like the game developers are releasing exactly what I need when I need it.

Riot Games is that connection gaming company right now. Why? It’s like they hear my thoughts on the champions to release the next week. Saying this out loud, I’ve probably cursed myself for future weeks.

League of Legends Week 29 2013

The free champions for week 29. I started off playing Ashe in the tutorial and coincidentally, she was free. That started me on the ADC train and the next week Vayne and Sivir were free (week 26). I tried the other champion roles but I sucked royally at them…I was too new to understand the roles to play them properly. In week 27, Caitlyn was free and that’s when I started to “get it” a little bit, start creating custom builds, and I started playing with other roles to see my play style. Week 28, this week, I had fun playing with Quinn and Valor but I also dabbled with Orianna (not nearly enough though), Miss Fortune (who I’ve been longing to try) and then I took a turn. I played with Ziggs (and loved it), Amumu, and I just suck at Darius and Vi. Oh well, practice makes perfect.

I purchased Morgana with IP. She seems like a strong champion but not when I’m playing her because I am no where near playing her well. While I started off with ADC, I’m not sure that is meant to be my main play style. And just like the other weeks, I thought, “Man, I wish I could play Ezreal, I wonder what’s up with him? I’d really like to play Sona and Janna because support looks fun, as much as I rely on them. And I wish some other mages would open up because I’m drawn to it”.

This week Ezrael, Sona, Janna, Gragas, Nasus, Zyra, Rumble and Viktor are FREE baby! I will be able to practice and hopefully zero in on what I like. I’m so happy! I watched Ocelote play Ahri earlier while I tried to get some rest (I am very sleep deprived right now), and it takes focus and willpower to master a new champion. However, I know that it needs to be done. Once it gets out what a player’s “main” champion is, they will ban it during team creation to weaken the opposing team.

I want to be the woman that is flexible when it comes to champions. I want to shift into the role needed. I see players who can do that and it’s awesome.

I wish Sivir wasn’t free again so soon but the choices are solid, for me, for week 29.

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