Let go of thoughts that don’t make you strong

Listen to your intuition. Open your eyes so you don’t miss an opportunity that was meant for you.

A valuable lesson I learned in 2020: open your eyes to see all the opportunities available to you. For many, 2020 has been stressful. It’s easy to get caught up (focused) on the wrong things. The distraction can cause you to miss potential opportunities. I recently wrote how circumstances dulled my enthusiasm to upload videos. While I haven’t felt inspired to upload gaming videos, I opened my eyes and found I’m inspired to write more. I want to share an experience I had on how easy it can be to miss an opportunity that’s right in front of you.

A weird set of circumstances led to me figuring out something that was haunting me for a while. Excitedly, I placed an order for something. Thrilled, I saw “free rush order” and picked that option. Thinking how beautiful it was how all of this came together, I saw the shipping date Wednesday. I left the site, in a state of bliss, thinking I’d have the item in 24 hours. I wasn’t alone when I placed the order. There was two of us in a state of fascination and bliss on how everything turned out.

The next day, I woke up excited. The loss of enthusiasm I wrote about earlier was gone. I had the desire to learn and all types of ideas were flowing through my brain. I had an enthusiastic energy whispering in my ear about how wonderful things are. I was feeling that energy. My intuition was calmly saying in my other ear:

  • Girl, it hasn’t shipped yet.
  • It can’t be delivered today if it’s not on the truck yet.
  • See that warning about a delay due to weather?
  • Doesn’t matter that the sun is shining. Package isn’t on the truck.
  • Delivery today: not happening.

Logically, I knew something was wrong, yet I kept checking the status. Of course, it didn’t change. I pulled up the item’s page and saw, if I ordered another one today, “Delivery date Monday Dec 7th”.


Why was mine coming on the 9th? Then it hit me. It was set to come a week from today. What was the rush order option I clicked on? Haha, it was free no rush shipping. I admit, my brain can’t wrap around the logic on why anyone would want their items shipped slower. The option was there and I picked it. Remember, I wasn’t alone. Neither one of us caught it.

The question: how to fix it? Well my intuition was on the ball.

  • Didn’t I tell you it didn’t ship yet?
  • Cancel the order and re-order it.
  • Always pick the first option. That’s why you’re paying for expedited shipping.
  • You’re welcome.

With a couple of clicks, I canceled one order and placed another. This time, I double-checked everything. I received an email for the cancellation and the new order. I’m good to go.

What’s the point?

I’m sharing this to show how easy it can be to miss something that can progress you further to reaching your goals. My intuition was telling me I screwed up. Thankfully, I listened. At one time, I ignored my intuition. Usually, I regretted not listening to it. I try hard to adjust my thinking when it clashes with facts. I recently started feeling excitement about things again. Without excitement, the days easily run together. Especially since I’m still social distancing and work within many time-zones. I messed up the dates. My intuition was showing me I messed up. I’m two days closer to doing what I want to do.

Many of my friends lost an income provider this year. Someone has to home-school their children. I was thinking how many children will learn the truth about Santa Claus early. Why? Because the money isn’t there to keep the story going. It’s hard to have “fun” when you’re worrying about how to survive while praying everyone stays healthy.

Give yourself a break! Take some time, take a deep breath and relax. Even superheroes have fears. In Uncanny X-Men #102, Storm had to overcome her claustrophobia to help people. It was hard, but she found strength.

There are so many superheroes not getting the credit they deserve. The essential workers putting their lives on the line. Parents trying to keep their family lives stable. Those volunteering to help the needy. The strong individuals fighting for equality…and you.

You may not feel like a superhero with the chaos going on right now but when doors close, new ones open up. Listen to your intuition to find those opportunities. Instead of worrying, focus on the doors that are open for you to resolve the issue so you can be free.

You are stronger than you think. Embrace it.

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