Life: as an income statement

There are times in our lives when we take a look at the people in our lives. I mean a good look. Something usually triggers this to happen and when it does, it can be tough to take an objective look at the people in your life. If one is able to step back and really look at the people and the impact they have on their life, most will find they have opened the door to people not conducive to their goals…the type of people they “need” in their life. Just because someone is nice or even cares about you doesn’t mean they are “good” for you.

An example, I have a close friend. We’ve known each other for years. When I look at her presence in my life even though she drives me crazy sometimes, she’s a good influence in my life. Meaning that I can look back at our lives and I can see where we’ve grown together. We accomplished things together. We didn’t bring a bunch of drama into each others lives. We don’t owe each other anything. We don’t tire of each others presence. When I take an objective look at our lives it’s not one mess up after another mess up – oh we got through that, wait another mess up kind of thing. There were struggles but we didn’t bring pain into each others lives. Nor frustration. We’ve gone through a lot together but she is a person I can honestly say fits in my life naturally. I don’t have to force it and that’s why we’ve been friends for so many years. If I look at our history and put an expense to the drama (bad things) and an income to the good things (successes and accomplishments) both of our balance sheets would be millions of dollars in the bank.

Unfortunately if I were do to that with some other people in my life they would be in the red, so much so it would be challenging to get out. Why are these people in my life? #1 reason: I don’t want the drama because I know there will be some. Yes, that’s not the mature decision. I’m working on it.

This happens in business as well. Companies enter into partnerships that aren’t mutually beneficial. Or they attempt to enter a market they really know nothing about but it is the hot thing of the moment. Unlike people, companies can’t continue to make bad decisions because it costs money and they have a bottom line to think about. The bad decisions have to be rectified otherwise the company will go out of business.

So will I make the changes I know I need to make? You betcha because putting the situation as an income statement (which was totally on the fly typing this) made things crystal clear.