I meet awesome gamers. I’m blessed.

There are a lot of stereotypes about gamers but there are a lot of wonderful things gamers do that go unnoticed.

Thank you SO MUCH for hanging out with me in the stream on my birthday. I had a blast!!! I have two new awesome ships to train for. One was given to me from a viewer of the stream (I can’t wait to fly it…63 days from now!) and one was given to me by Nightblade (he’s in some of my videos…he’s in the old corp). He remembered I wanted the ship and, well….hahaha…I kinda lost it when I saw it. They said, “That was the sound of pure joy!” to my reaction when I saw it. The recording software recording my voice of it so…maybe you’ll hear it in a video.

You guys were able to meet William, one of the corp members who gave me the advice about my vitamin deficiency. He had pneumonia previously and had the residual cough as well. I’m very fortunate he passed the information to me…it helped save my life.

People look down at games but the truth is that there are people on the other end of those games and interacting with them is what creates memories and bonds that can last for years. I have a friend (Joe) in WoW who is hella awesome. Through my YouTube channel I’ve been blessed to meet people I’ve learned from and I have memories I’ll never forget.

Last week, Bill schooled me on first person shooters. I normally don’t play them but he piqued my curiosity – that and the FIOS internet connection in NY. I had more download speed but he was seeing stuff faster than me…WTF? Gotta check that out. Anyway, you might see me shooting people in a FPS. Trying new things is how you gain wisdom and progress/evolve.

Okay…enough sappiness for tonight. I’m about to send my birthday off dancing my a** off. I’ll be the woman dancing in the center of a bunch of my male friends lol Have a good night and thank you for making today very special!

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