Microsoft should be scared because of Chrome OS? That’s laughable.

Google announced Chrome OS and of course, that brought the "Microsoft should be scared" articles. Let's look at why that's not true.

You ever read an article and think, “bullshit”? That was my thought when I read TechCrunch’s What ChromeOS Means For Netbooks And Why Microsoft Needs To Be Scared. First off, I am a long-time Windows user, I have 6 Windows computers in my house and a Mac. I an not a fan-girl of any OS. Computers are tools for me to accomplish what I need to accomplish, nothing more, nothing less. I used to admire Bill Gates’ innovative decisions but that died a long time ago. Even then, I wasn’t a fan-girl. For me, I have to try my best to remain objective because, in my opinion, an evangelist that is not objective is an ass-kisser (which I’m not).

Why Microsoft isn’t “scared”

Chrome OS and Microsoft target very different audiences (regarding computing). True, Microsoft was able to capture a large portion of the low-end internet user audience by default but Microsoft’s true target is businesses and those who need connectivity with their business offerings. The Chrome OS, as advertised, is for the light internet user. When I say light, I am not describing time. They use email, they connect to social sites, they browse the web, etc.

What about the millions of people who make videos, put them on their computers, use video editing software to edit them, then upload them – retaining a copy on their computer? What about pictures you take with your phone or digital camera? Most people store them on a computer. How many people blog and keep a copy of databases on their computer in case of disk failure?

And let’s not forget the people who play video games. Console gaming is fun but there are some games that do not play well on a console. Considering the number of good games coming to the PC, Microsoft does not have to worry about web-only computers. They have other concerns they should focus on.

So, what will happen?

Usually people purchase computers based on what they want to do with them and the price of the computer. The cost of computers dropped to the point almost anyone can afford one. The real question: if you have two computers, one doing significantly more than the other for slightly more money, which would you pick? The Chrome OS is perfect for kids, for example, but eventually most kids will want to do more with their computer than browse the web and check email.

But more important, the wise person does not keep everything online. The lazy person won’t think about the implications of everything being stored online until it is too late. A person serious about their online data has multiple backups, perhaps online and on their hard drive for the blog, email, videos, pictures, etc. If the data is important then it should be treated as such. How many horror stories does one have to read about someone losing everything because taking precautions to ensure it does not happen to you as well?

There is a clear market for this type of computer. I will most likely pick up one for travel if the price is right. It is a security precaution to travel with a computer that doesn’t have important data on it. It also seems like a good computer for beginners. There is a niche for Chrome OS…

That does not mean that those who purchase a Chrome OS computer won’t have a PC, Mac or another computer with an OS that does more. There isn’t much difference between the Chrome OS computer description and smart phones, is there?