Moana’s Story: A Breath of Fresh Air…In My Life

Onto movie number two, Moana. A cute musical with a meaningful moral for her story. And mine.

Continuing my journey of catching up on movies, the next one I watched was Moana. I saw the commercial for it off and on throughout the years and I love the hair animations. Yes, I picked the movie because of the hair. I had no idea about story plot.

Which is interesting due to how things turned out.

Once upon a time, on a far away island, was a young girl named Moana, being trained by her father (who was chief of the island) to continue doing things as they’ve been done for a long time. It came to light that their resources were dangerously depleting. The crops were failing and they were unable to catch fish. Things were not looking good. Moana suggested traveling outside the island but her father was strongly against it.

Moana, being the adventurous young lady she is, decided to venture out on her own to save her people. You see, to save her people, she has to find a demigod and have him reverse a curse. They had quite the adventure, which I won’t spoil, correcting the wrongs that were done in the past.

And learning about themselves. That was what the movie was truly about. Them figuring out who they truly are.

I Did It Again

While watching Moana, which I thoroughly enjoyed (did I mention that?), I couldn’t believe I did it again. Especially, the random way I picked the movie. What did I do? I picked another movie that had a moral story that I needed to hear.

I mentioned before that I realized, somewhere along the way, I lost myself. I was sick for so long and missed out on so much, haha, I literally am like a blank slate. I’m not complaining because I’m viewing the blank slate as a good thing as I have tons of room to become whatever I am meant to be without interfering with anything I was (if that makes sense). I’m just confused on what I should do, at this point in my life.

So I found it odd I picked a movie, randomly, where a demigod and a kid figured it out. Against considerable odds, they faced their fears and did it. And succeeded!

I’m STILL Confused

I don’t have all the answers. I probably won’t for awhile but I’m more enthusiastic about figuring it out. I know, it’s just a movie, and it was just a movie. But, it’s the second movie I picked that had a message I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. I figure if I keep up this pace, through movies, I’ll figure it all out. 🙂

Seriously though, Moana is a fun musical with a good reminder for the moral of the story. Have faith in yourself. Sometimes you might fail, but you’ll learn from those lessons to make better decisions.

I think kids and adults need to hear that now more than ever.