My response to Prometheus 6

I want to respond a post made on Prometheus 6 blog. I'd respond there but as I mentioned before, signing in to comment is not my thing. The response is to my comment about niche blogs awards as a way to enter the main stream "delicately"

I want to respond a post (link no longer active) made on Prometheus 6 blog. I’d respond there but as I mentioned before, signing in to comment is not my thing. The response is to my comment about niche blogs awards as a way to enter the main stream “delicately”:

Well, that’s not how blogging works, but…”offensive to the majority”? And how delicate is the information about my race when you find out by walking up and shaking my hand? I see no reason to be more delicate with the information.

“Delicately” is perhaps not the best word to use to describe what I mean but I still stand by what I said. It think niche award blogs are a great way to show exposure so when you do walk up to someone at a conference they aren’t surprised. Let me give you an example of what I went through. I used to have a popular gaming site. I suppose my race and gender didn’t come across on my site, just as it probably didn’t here until recently. I attended a conference where I arranged, in advance, to meet with some people (and interview them), which were all men because there weren’t many women gamers then. Overall the race thing went really well except for one man. He blatantly told me he didn’t realize I was female AND black. I would have a hard time achieving anything as a female but being a black female, forget it. He refused to do the interview and to be frank, he pissed me off because he was “the” person I wanted to interview. He was a high profile developer and as he pointed out, I was lucky to land the interview in the first place. This put me in an awkward position because I announced that I was interviewing him.

I think we’ve all been in this type of situation before where you want to speak out on something but you can’t afford to anger the person because it can do more damage than good. So I came up with a plan, implemented it and in a short period of time he needed me:the tables were turned, he had to eat those words, and I got the satisfaction of telling exactly what I thought of him, doing things on my terms, without jeopardizing everything I’d work for. I’m all about principle but I’m not impulsive and I’m not stupid.

So by “delicate” (which again probably wasn’t the right word) I think niche blogs awards are a great way of being recognized for exactly who you are and recognizing their achievements. If they have a good blog they should be recognized for it. The point of my post is that there are many black bloggers, but because of preconceived ideas, they don’t recognize we’re here. We can do fine on our own and we don’t need to be recruited (I think that’s true for all races). I think it’s a viable solution to avoid a situation like I went through and solve some other problems like how difficult it can be for new bloggers to find minority blogs.

What I don’t suggest doing (and I mean anyone) is putting pictures up unless:

  1. You’re sure you want to expose that much of yourself.
  2. You talked to your employer and they are okay with you blogging.
  3. You know what line not to cross so you don’t get fired.

Perhaps someone will take the big hint and start creating more niche awards, not only blacks but all races. It would be excellent to have one to recognize women bloggers.

If you have a minority blog send me an email with a link to your blog. This is an area I’m covering in my book and I’d like to gain more outside perspectives on the issue.