My thoughts on Paula Deen

Instead of judging right or wrong, how about looking at the situation objectively to see how one can avoid being in the same position later on?

My apologies for having to re-upload the video. For some reason, this video did not want to cooperate when it came to volume control.

I’m glad to see Neverwinter thriving. The game has features that I wish were in other games, for example, the vendor in the dungeon/quest area. If I wanted to complete everything, I could purchase missing tools (like the dungeon kits) to potentially maximize my loot from the area. I like that.

I was asked about my thoughts on Paula Deen. The media reports what will make them money, not necessarily the accurate truth. Without facts, it is hard to form a qualified opinion. For me, a better way to look at the situation is: how can I learn from HER experience to ensure I never have an experience like her? 2013 is the year for people saying things they later regret, like the Microsoft employee that lost his job for his comments about always on connections or the guy who lost his job for telling a joke.

The world we live in today is that our actions have a long-tail to them. There is a record of who we talk to, where we go, who are friends are…and what we say. Thanks to search engines, that information can be found in minutes. Those actions can follow you…forever. If you get drunk at the club, someone can take a picture of it. Say something you think is fine but is offensive to someone else, you could be in Paula’s shoes trying to defend those words.

As we get older, most have jobs they can’t afford to lose and when that happens, that old picture gains value and those words you felt freedom of speech entitled you to say can rip away things in your life you worked hard to achieve. Taking a moment to understand the repercussions of how what you are doing today can impact you tomorrow, can save many a lot of embarrassment and misery in the future.

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