New Perspective

When you end up being grateful to the person who annoyed you.

I was sorting previously recorded video footage, which I find tedious to do sometimes. A part of me feels the footage is old, why not record new footage? Then, the other part of me remembers there are funny moments, lessons learned…good stuff buried in the footage. I want to share it. So I patiently and lovingly sorted the footage.

Correction: I was trying to patiently and lovingly sort the footage but someone is riding an ATV up and down the street. Literally. He goes from the top of the block, to the halfway point of the block, turns around, stops within a house of my house, revs the engine for 2 minutes, goes to the top of the block, rinse and repeat.

I keep telling myself, as I type this, it’s a public residential street. Although he doesn’t live on this street, he can ride around in a circle, revving his engine, making the street smell like exhaust, like he’s been doing daily since mid-June.

I started writing because there has to be a lesson learned here somewhere. I always try to find the positive in a situation, because there is no point in crying over spilled milk. Sometimes, shit’s just not gonna go my way. Right now, I’m experiencing a temporary standstill and I need to look at things from a new perspective.

I’m missing an opportunity. I need to open my eyes to all the possibilities. Write it out!

The world has tilted into WTF, and yet I am so blessed! Instead of going outside and saying all the negative thoughts that were roaming through my mind to this guy, I’m balancing my emotions, and he’s still breathing, revving his engine outside my window! Do I care? Nope! I’ve shifted from annoyed to being amused. Think about it: How sad it must be that an adult has nothing better to do with his time than to circle a block he doesn’t live on, for hours. He looks like he’s in his mid 20s. Is his bad ass ATV tearing up terrain? Nope. Is he doing something that will give him long-term happiness or abundance? No.


Never forget to find the magic in the little things in life. As I type this, I’m laughing. Learning from the past, from now on, I’m going to name footage after I record it. Me going through this footage after the fact is wasted time, like that guy riding up and down the street (but not as fun), when I had the opportunity to be more efficient and name the footage after I recorded it. I can barely concentrate on what I’m writing because my mind is whirling with video ideas about the footage I was complaining about sorting 30 minutes ago.

Thank you dude for annoying the hell out of me. You inspired me to be the best I can be.

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