Ok Palin, this is between me and you: A Rhyme

You know you’re in over your head
Hell, getting you to answer a question causes dread
We need to put this to bed
You aren’t looking ahead

You don’t have what it takes
You’re too weak for such high stakes
The more you talk, the more you sound like a flake
Seriously, you’re making my head ache

Who the hell do you think you are?
WTF? How did you get this far?
For candidates, we have to raise the bar
This election is so twisted it’s bizarre

No one should have to hold your hand
You’re supposed to be qualified to take that stand
Hell, you might have to assume command
If you get in, you can’t be easily canned

Who are you trying to fool?
You’re just a tool
It’s actually cruel
What he did to you isn’t cool

You weren’t picked because you are qualified
You weren’t picked because you are accomplished
You weren’t picked because you are versified
You weren’t picked because you are ratified

You were picked because you’re female
You were picked because your looks impale
You were picked because you tell a nice tale
You were picked because your story is a nice fairytale

You represent all the wrong reasons
All the wrong realizations
All the wrong motivations
All the wrong solutions

Hopefully Nov. 4 will be your time to go
If not, this country is going to receive a tough blow
We’ll be out more dough
Our economy at an all-time low

As a nation we need to cope
And not slide down the same slope
Understanding the real scope
I can hope. I can hope.

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