The people who play EVE are real

“EVE is real because the woman I’ve been listening [in videos] to is standing in front of me right now.”

When I see ambulances/police on the street, I try to make sure my senior citizen neighbors are okay. Last night I was recording so I didn’t hear them, I saw the lights through the window. There were so many I couldn’t tell which house they were responding to. I went downstairs and stood on my porch trying to figure it out, puzzled how it could be so quiet with so many trucks in front of my house and one of the police officers approached me asking “Ma’am, are you okay?” I explained I was worried one of my senior citizen neighbors were hurt and I pointed to the houses they lived in. He said they weren’t responding to those houses. I breathed a sigh of relief, I thanked him and was about to go into the house. He said he recognized my voice, the sigh, from my videos and when he could see my face in the light, it hit him who I was. He said, in a dazed tone, “EVE is real because the woman I’ve been listening to is standing in front of me right now”. I said, “Tyme2BReal” and realized, politely standing there smiling, he’s been following me awhile because he knew it was Tyme2BReal and not “time to be real”. Understandable in a game like EVE people trip at first finding someone who isn’t role-playing (created a persona).

I’m shy (until I get to know a person) so this was like a nightmare to me. Not because he’s a police officer but a viewer (a stranger) standing on my property uninvited (I’ve been stalked in the past). It ended up being okay, and I guess if it was to happen, it was cool it was a police officer. Now that I think about it, I bet it was “weirder” for him than it was for me lol. He ended up inspiring me to do some things I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. I’m glad my senior neighbors are okay. Thanks Mr. Police Officer for doing what you do everyday.

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