Preparing For Free to Play – WildStar

WildStar is going free to play soon. What do you need to do to prepare for the transition?

WildStar recently announced the game was going free to play Sept. 29th. Wondering what to do with your toons in preparation for it? Let’s talk about that.

F2P is something that players thought would happen a long time ago. Hopefully it will bring new players to the game, draw old players back and breathe life back into the game. The developers said that while free to play, the free accounts have restrictions but everything in game can be achieved without spending real money.

If you are currently in the game, what should you do to prepare for the transition? I saw a thread that recommended doing…nothing. So many things are being converted and will not exist anymore that there is no point in trying to obtain any of these items.

I would strongly suggest, if you are heavily vested in the game, to try to get in the beta to test things out or keep an eye on the forums to stay informed on how these transitions will affect you. Please note: You have to sign up for the beta. They are sending out large amounts of beta invites (according to the developers). Good luck if you are trying to get in.

I wanted to give the heads up about these changes to save people who did not realize what the upcoming changes were from working towards goals that might not be able to be achieved . Are you returning to the game Sept. 29th? I’m undecided…I’ll looking for more information to be released.

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