Sharing my favorite Aaliyah songs

In honor of Aaliyah’s birthday, I’m sharing some of my favorite songs of hers.

Today would have been Aaliyah’s 40th birthday, so in honor of that, I decided to share some of my favorite Aaliyah songs.

One of my all-time favorite tracks from Aaliyah is “Are You That Somebody”. It’s laid-back yet upbeat at the same time with a electronica-infused R&B beat that has aged pretty well considering this track was released in 1997. I remember switching back and forth between MTV, BET and VH1 to try to catch the music video on TV (This was before YouTube. The struggle was real back then).

“More Than a Woman” is another one of my favorites. It has a similar vibe as “Are You That Somebody” but the instrumental draws more from funk music.

“Journey To The Past” is from the 1997 movie Anastasia. and is more like the kind of pop ballad you would hear on adult contemporary radio. It stands when compared to the rest of Aaliyah’s discography but it’s still a great song. The thing I loved most about the music video is that it combined the two things I loved most: Aaliyah and animated movies.

And I can’t forget “Hot Like Fire”. This is the Timbaland Groove Mix that was used to promote the song after it was officially released as a single. The remix flipped the original version (which is smooth slow jam) and turned it into an uptempo R&B track with a little hip hop mixed in.

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