SHINee Shares Some Details and Teaser Images for Their Comeback

SHINee has been dropping some hints regarding their comeback.

To say that Shawols have been getting impatient waiting for details regarding SHINee’s comeback is an understatement. They were suppose to return with a new album in September, but was delayed due to Onew’s ankle injury, and no statement was released saying when their comeback would take place. Which of course, pissed off fans.

angry mob

Thankfully, Taemin and Minho were on My SM Television September 26th and threw us a bone or two:

1. SHINee’s comeback will definitely be in October. Taemin and Minho said there wasn’t a set date, but it was only a few days away? I see what you’re doing 2Min, I see you.
2. They will be releasing a full-length album.
3. Their title track will have a number in it.
4. According to Minho, the concept will be SHINee’s version of war against crime and violence. Interestingly, “war against crime and violence” is the Korean title of the 1988 American film Colors, which is about gang life/violence (they are not going there, they just can’t).
5. The new songs SHINee premiered during their SHINee World V concert, “Prism”, “Feel Good”, “Invisible Umbrella” and “So Amazing” will be included on the album.

Shortly after their segment aired, the layout for SHINee’s website was updated to this:

shinee website updated

It may not look like much, there are some clues hidden in this picture. See that big 1of1 banner. Didn’t Minho teased that there title track would have a number in the title? The browser featured in the pic is Windows XP, which was released back in 2001. Many fans see it as a sign that the group will be incorporating late 80s/early 00s themes into their comeback.

And look at the date “2016.09.27 09:00 a.m.” is probably when the first batch of teasers are set to drop.

Update: SHINee released their first teaser…which is really a “program guide” or comeback schedule on September 27 9 AM KST (September 26 8 PM EST in the US).

I’m a little bummed because I was hoping we’d get some teasers for the music video. According to thatcoolcatmeow, teasers pictures will be released September 29th – October 2nd at 10 AM KST. SHINee’s album, titled 1 of 1, will be released October 5th.

Update: The teasers are rolling in now. The group is doing something called “SHINee’s Pick!” on Instagram. It’s kind of like a radio show, where a member recommends a new song from their upcoming album. Onew kicks things off September 28 at midnight with a preview of their new song “Don’t Let Me Go” playing in the background.


SHINee also released two teaser images. Taemin’s teaser was uploaded in parts on Instagram and the other image features Taemin with Jonghyun and Key.