Stuck in a rut? Not I….

One of the beautiful things about writing online: how easy it is to scrap it all and start all over again. When I first started writing online domains were expensive (so was hosting) and unless piles of money were sitting around to burn through one usually took some time to think about what The Plan was. Now, there is free hosting, domains are super cheap so the “let’s do this, what do I have to lose?” mentality makes it easy to jump in and cost of “failure” is low. By failure I mean scrapping it and possibly starting all over again.

Not Too Geeky isn’t a failure by any means but it is a perfect example of how much I have changed and how much I repressed those changes. I’ve whined complained about the problems I had importing/exporting data in content management systems. That data meant a lot to me and it irked me I had it spread amongst multiple domains. Now there is a small percentage (perhaps 20 out of 1,982) of those entries that actually means anything to me and I could scrap the entire thing and start again. In life don’t we sometimes want to scrap everything and start again?

Essentially that is what I am doing. When I move, everything changes and I’m finding more and more that besides the precious people in my life (who are moving as well) I don’t want to bring the old life into the new life. For some reason gaming has always been the “in your face” moments where I realize something significant in my life. I knew months ago I was having a “moment” in my life but I was going through so much at the time I didn’t have the strength to deal with it.

When people are “stuck” there is a hurdle moving forward: lack of ambition/laziness, moving forward being too “hard” or too much effort, etc.

Isn’t that how life works? Things change and as individuals shouldn’t we be growing and changing too? One thing I never understood was the person that could go to the same place every week for years. I have friends that go to the same club on the same days and their behavior is so predictable and they’ve been doing this for years. That’s not my style….be damned if I’m doing the exact thing I was doing years ago. To me, that’s stuck in a rut.

With Not Too Geeky I don’t want to be doing the same thing this year as I was last year. It’s kind of funny because I love the domain name Not Too Geeky but the truth is it should probably be A Complete Geek.

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