Study: Blogs haven’t displaced media

From Reuters:

Charting the discussion of issues during the 2004 presidential campaign, the study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project and consultants BuzzMetrics found political blogs—online opinion and information sites—played a similar, but not greater role, as did the mainstream media and the candidates’ campaigns in creating “buzz.”

The study dispels the notion that blogs are replacing traditional media as the public’s primary source of information, said Michael Cornfield, a senior research consultant at Pew.

I believe that both have their place and work well together. Bloggers will read or hear something via mainstream media and they’ll blog about it. See, most bloggers don’t have the means or the connections to get stories like mainstream media can.

I noticed a change in the TV viewing. For example, I look at the news for local items and when the topic turns to global matters, I turn it off. Why? Because I’ve most likely read about it online already or I know I will shortly. The nightly news is outdated compared to my RSS feeds.