I was going to write about that but….

You ever have an idea for an article or even a set of articles and decide not to write about it? Or perhaps you wrote the article and decided not to publish it? This happens to me a lot, more often than I’d like to admit. An example, in my last article I said: “If […]

What is your site about?

It is common for site owners to change the topic they write about over the years. If done, they should make it easier for readers to zero in on the content they are interested in reading.

Stay on topic and that influential bloggers list is bunk

I read NxE’s list of the 50 most influential bloggers. By the time I got to #1 I was laughing at the ridiculousness of it. If you read the trackbacks and comments it’s pretty obvious the list is whacked. And let me disclaim – no, I don’t think I should have been on the list. […]

The A-List shuffle is finally happening

2007 predictions. The next week or so there will be many entries about it. When I read those, I think: who cares? Really, what shall be shall be. Occasionally I come across one that intrigues me. Mapping the Web has an interesting one: Bridging the gap: Up until recently, the gap between A-list bloggers and […]