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Setting a foundation

For anything to thrive, it needs a strong foundation. Does your relationship have a strong foundation? Is the bond with your kids built on a strong foundation? Does your business have a strong foundation? That's what I'm going to talk about today...business.

Designers: Learn how to properly deal with clients

I read an article that, as a consumer, rubbed me the wrong way. It is sad how many people simply do not understand how to work with others. Trying to force someone, or giving them an ultimatum, isn't the way to go. Instead, learn from past experiences and show you have wisdom.

Business partners and unrealistic expectations

Why do most start-ups fail? Same reason why many commercial bloggers do not have the success they would like. Unrealistic expectations. Everyone isn't meant to have their own business just as everyone isn't meant to be a doctor, lawyer, police officer, etc. A startling number of people enter into the commercial arena with zero business experience, and without the inclination to take some classes (gain some knowledge) to help them excel.