The Walking Dead – Episode 4 Part 9 ~ Kenny learns the truth

Now we see how Crawford fell. Hysterical, upset pregnant woman kills and injures people, without smashing their heads, causing them to turn. Yeah…better watch Christa closer, huh? LMAO My apologies for not figuring it out earlier. So many clickies! Does it seem like more clickies this episode? Molly!!! Holy hell!! And Kenny learns the truth. […]

The Walking Dead – Episode 4 Finale ~ Justice

Ben, IMO, is not a hero. He knew he was a liability. He knew Kenny would kill him anyway for being the catalyst to Kat, and Duck’s death (and ESPECIALLY Carly). Um…. WTF??? Vernon? Lee? WTF? WTF? WTF? Where is Clementine??? (I hope this is the last time I ask that question). Thankfully, with the […]

The Walking Dead – Episode 4 Part 7 ~ Taking on Crawford

Wow…didn’t expect Crawford to end up like that. Interesting they didn’t allow children. How can a race survive without creating new people? I hope I can catch whoever is running around in the shadows soon. Amazing how closely he can watch us, never draw the attention of walkers, and always smoothly get away. Um…Molly…WTF????? (he […]