Blind leading the blind or the echo chamber

Social media makes it very easy to meet people. Networking can be very valuable to entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the term “friend” is overused and the meaning of “friends” has become diluted.

For people who want a successful career, surrounding yourself with people with similar maturity and experience levels is crucial for success. The people who are serious about obtaining the quality of life they have goals for do this naturally. The people closest to them have similar goals and interests that bond them.

Social media makes it easy to become friends with people who will distract your attention to almost guarantee you will not reach your goals. If you are a parent, it’s like your child hanging around the “wrong” group of kids….can you relate to that?

Resolving privacy/security issues: geolocation based services

When you leave your house, do you leave the windows open and doors unlocked? Why not? No one would know unless they tried to get in if they were truly open, right? When you park your car, do you leave it unlocked? Why not? No one would know unless they tried to break in, and what are the odds of that? When you leave the house, do you check into a geolocation based service to announce where you are? Why not? What are the odds of something bad happening, right? See the twisted logic? Let’s talk about some solutions to the security and privacy issues surrounding these services so everyone can have fun.