Talking online vs. offline

As technology evolves, communication is going to be easier than ever. It is becoming easier for my real life to find its way into my gaming experiences.

Riot Games, delays and their growth

I just started playing League of Legends, a game I wanted to play for awhile and I enjoy watching others play. I avoided it because the community is known to be very toxic and I do not have the patience for that type of immature behavior. In the end, it is a game. Rage at […]

Are you listening when God answers your prayers?

The guys were over this weekend. One of them met a girl a while ago in a game. They are on the same team, work well together, are pretty good friends, and they look forward to playing together. This weekend was a celebratory one and my old Pastor stopped by to visit. During his visit, […]

The art of telling a great story

I successfully killed Diablo on normal mode in Diablo 3. It felt good killing him for a third time. It was during my quest to kill Diablo that I began to truly appreciate the art of telling a great story.

Fixing past mistakes

Once and awhile, it is good to step back and look at things objectively. When I did this in Dragon Age 2, I realized I was making mistakes that were impacting game play.