The Connection

In the previous entry the discussion came up about having a connection with another person. A commenter said: The connection eventually wins out Tyme. I cannot speak for the ladies but men crave the connection. When we get it we might hesitate for a while but the connection does eventually win. Let’s talk about a […]

Men Traps: Which one of my friends…

Let’s say your girl says: “I have a question for you. If we weren’t together, and we never met, which one of my friends would you ask out?” Dude, there is only one acceptable answer to this question: “Baby, none of your friends interest me like that. I wouldn’t ask any of them out.” When […]

Women Traps – He tunes you out

You have something on your mind and you want to talk about it. While sharing your feelings, thoughts, etc. you realize he’s not paying attention. He’s tuned you out and his focus is elsewhere. Stop talking. Your gut instinct will be to get upset and then talk about how rude it is that he tuned […]

What do you say when your daughter asks you…

My daughter asked me about “real love”. Inquisitive one, she is. I find people ask this question when they have feelings for someone who is not acting like they have feelings in return. They have the answer but do not want to accept the answer.