Out with the old…in with the new

It’s that time of year! New Year’s is a time when people make promises they usually don’t keep. They mean well, but the promises aren’t kept because it is so easy to hold on to the old habits.

Past. Present. Future. Change.

We were talking last night about whether people “really” change. I am a firm believer that people can change because I’ve witnessed it. All change, unfortunately, isn’t a positive change. I’ve seen people better themselves and damn near kill themselves. I had two people in my life (my father and brother) die without changing. One […]

Moving on….Part 2

If you live long enough there comes a time in your life where you have to move on from the old to move on with the new things, people, projects, etc. that are a apart of life. It is how we evolve. When you go to school you start in elementary, move on the middle […]

What’s behind door…

I think everyone gets to a point where they are standing in a long hall with many doors…which door should they walked through? Which choice is the right choice? Picking the right choice means realistically and objectively looking at the situation. That is what I am doing now – stepping back and taking a long look […]

Stuck in a rut? Not I….

One of the beautiful things about writing online: how easy it is to scrap it all and start all over again. When I first started writing online domains were expensive (so was hosting) and unless piles of money were sitting around to burn through one usually took some time to think about what The Plan […]

TalkTyme: Transitions

What do you do when you get tired of blogging? Very good question. After writing for so many years on so many topics, I can honestly say there have been times where I dreaded writing. I was bored out of my mind being niched into writing about one topic. That is not the reason why […]

Moving on…

Every once in a while I like to take a look at my life, see if I am on track for my goals. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve changed in some aspects and I find myself doing things I might not have done before. Driving around the city the other night I took a long […]