Making mistakes vs. failing

I see “inspirational” quotes often about making mistakes. You know, on Twitter, Facebook, etc. There seems to be confusion about making mistakes and failing (repeating similar mistakes). Let’s talk about that.

Mistakes happen. Don’t forget the lessons you learned.

I often say, “mo money, mo problems” and people usually respond with, “problems I’d love to have”. I chuckle when they say this because it is clear they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. It is also clear, if they had money and fame, they wouldn’t have it for long.

Designers: Learn how to properly deal with clients

I read an article that, as a consumer, rubbed me the wrong way. It is sad how many people simply do not understand how to work with others. Trying to force someone, or giving them an ultimatum, isn’t the way to go. Instead, learn from past experiences and show you have wisdom.

Resolving privacy/security issues: geolocation based services

When you leave your house, do you leave the windows open and doors unlocked? Why not? No one would know unless they tried to get in if they were truly open, right? When you park your car, do you leave it unlocked? Why not? No one would know unless they tried to break in, and what are the odds of that? When you leave the house, do you check into a geolocation based service to announce where you are? Why not? What are the odds of something bad happening, right? See the twisted logic? Let’s talk about some solutions to the security and privacy issues surrounding these services so everyone can have fun.

Part 2: You screwed up. How do you recover?

In the last article I spoke making mistakes and moving past those mistakes. In this article, I go into more detail explaining why people usually fail when trying to recover from their mistakes and the key to truly overcoming bad times due to bad decisions being made.