Learning from the past

Working on the site, my daughter and I have been going through old entries, fixing broken links, and making them public. It is nice to go back in time and remember the things you used to do, how you used to feel, realize how far you’ve come and perhaps learn something about yourself. This is […]

The one that got away…not!

I was conversing with viewers and one of them said, “You know…like that one that got away”. They discussed women they felt, looking back, were “good women” that they made mistakes with and the relationship deteriorated. I sympathize with the feeling having felt something similar in the past. I don’t have many exes, but the […]

Stop being a doormat

We all make mistakes in life and hopefully, if we are smart, we learn from them and not repeat them. Instead of wasting time cleaning up repeat mistakes the time would be better spent moving forward with your life. That’s how you achieve success making smart decisions. I made some dumb ones – being the unappreciated doormat. Not anymore.