Ok Palin, this is between me and you: A Rhyme

You know you’re in over your head Hell, getting you to answer a question causes dread We need to put this to bed You aren’t looking ahead You don’t have what it takes You’re too weak for such high stakes The more you talk, the more you sound like a flake Seriously, you’re making my […]

Fool: a person who lacks good judgment: A Rhyme

Some times a person is an ally When you’re sad you can cry When you’re happy you can fly That person you can always rely Then you have the person who isn’t your friend You thought on them you could depend You were lost in the world called Pretend You ignored the patterns and trends […]

You too can fly: A Rhyme

So many people taking the next step Decision making and lots of prep Making choices to improve their rep Trying to ensure they don’t take a misstep There are times when we need to change Our lives we know we have to re-arrange And at first it might seem strange Except it is really only […]

Does personal brand exist? Of course. Duh!

There has been a lot of talk lately about personal brand Lots of yeah yeah blah blah words that are very bland Yet they feel the need to let you know where they stand Unfortunately, they have their head in the sand. They even disagree on how to define it Their views on the definition […]

Truth: A Rhyme

Let’s have some fun I refuse to be outdone Or have my stuff undone I’ve just begun Gotta crawl before you can run If you want to win in the long run And hit it like a homerun Don’t want to be boring like a rerun Race is over, I won Tyme flies…excuse the pun […]