An honest look at personal brands and social media

Social networking tools are being used more and more every day. Unfortunately, what people do not realize is that by using these tools, they are creating a personal brand. A personal brand is simply what people think of you when your name is mentioned.

For those that do not realize they are creating a personal brand or worse, think that it does not matter, they are similar to the people who got themselves in debt when credit ratings first came out.

The penalties of not listening I suppose. Anyway, let’s talk about it what is really going on with social media.

To friend or not friend, that is the question…

“I do not know if this has happened to anybody, but this morning I log on to Facebook and I have a new friend request!” wrote 19-year-old Mike Yeamans, a sophomore at James Madison University, on one of several “No Parents on Facebook” groups that have popped up on the site. “I am excited to […]


A friend of mine asked me why I don’t “get into” the connect services. You know like Yahoo, Hi5, LinkedIn – those types of services where I am connected to who I know and people can view who I know and contact who I know…those types of services. Nope, not into them. Why…besides it’s none […]