TalkTyme: Thinking about maiden names

A friend of mine is going through a really tough time…identity theft. The odd thing is that the thief actually called the bank to change address information. They knew the Social Security number, name (obviously), address, phone, account number and the Mother’s maiden name. I think the Mother’s maiden name thing needs to be abolished. […]

Tyme’s Thoughts: Tags

MovableType released a tag plug-in. In this post Anil referred to a post by Jeffrey Zeldman about tags which I agree with 100%. Here is an excerpt: The less brainy and more pressing problem is that with tag clouds, topics either gain immediate, widespread traction with the public, or they disappear from the cloud. Once […]


I remember when I was growing up the neighborhood kids would play in our backyards. We might be four or five houses from our home but we’d have to be with in range. See, we had to hear when our parents called us and told us it was time to come in. And we had […]

Things you learn…

I’m becoming an activist. I don’t know exactly when it happened or why it happened. It’s been happening gradually and it’s getting to the point there are so many things I want to say I’d love to broadcast it. Hey, that’s what I’m doing, isn’t it? What I am so enthused about? Technology and the […]