Resolving privacy/security issues: geolocation based services

When you leave your house, do you leave the windows open and doors unlocked? Why not? No one would know unless they tried to get in if they were truly open, right? When you park your car, do you leave it unlocked? Why not? No one would know unless they tried to break in, and what are the odds of that? When you leave the house, do you check into a geolocation based service to announce where you are? Why not? What are the odds of something bad happening, right? See the twisted logic? Let’s talk about some solutions to the security and privacy issues surrounding these services so everyone can have fun.

TalkTyme: Thinking about maiden names

A friend of mine is going through a really tough time…identity theft. The odd thing is that the thief actually called the bank to change address information. They knew the Social Security number, name (obviously), address, phone, account number and the Mother’s maiden name. I think the Mother’s maiden name thing needs to be abolished. […]

Things you learn…

I’m becoming an activist. I don’t know exactly when it happened or why it happened. It’s been happening gradually and it’s getting to the point there are so many things I want to say I’d love to broadcast it. Hey, that’s what I’m doing, isn’t it? What I am so enthused about? Technology and the […]

Microsoft needs to wake up

Dare Obasanjo writes: The main problem is that Microsoft is good at competing but not good at caring for customers. The focus of the developer division at Microsoft is the .NET Framework and related technologies which is primarily a competitor to Java/JVM and related technologies. However when it comes to areas where there isn’t a […]

Wachovia and Bank of America security breach

Bank of America and Wachovia are notifying customers that their accounts may have been breached. The theft was exposed when Hackensack, NJ police arrested nine people (a NJ state worker state worker, seven bank workers and a business owner) who were selling the information to collection agencies. Wachovia was notified that the Hackensack police seized […]

AOL just keeps screwing up

AOL is offering free email: yes another company offering 2GB storage. The only difference (supposedly) is that paid AOL users see an ad at the bottom and AIM users see an ad at the top. WRONG! Screw up #1 – As a paying customer I should see an ad at all. Screw up #2 – […]