Mall, err…site, shopping FTW!

It’s Black Friday – a heavy shopping day in the United States. I know some people who got up at 4:00am to be the first in the store. I was up but I’m not that type of woman. Because seriously, if I go to pick up something and someone tries to take it from me, […]

Right back at ya

The other day in World of Warcraft an Alliance player thought he’d be cute and PvP me. He was a lower level and he wouldn’t have won. Instead he hedged the odds in his favor so he couldn’t lose. He waited until I was in a fight, fighting multiple mobs, then used a spell to […]

What’s your brand?

I wrote a rhyme the other day about personal brands. As I said in the article personal branding was in debate at the time: does personal brands exist? Some said no, it was solely for companies. Others said yes because of blogging. I have a simple stance about brands. A brand means someone recognizes a […]

To friend or not friend, that is the question…

“I do not know if this has happened to anybody, but this morning I log on to Facebook and I have a new friend request!” wrote 19-year-old Mike Yeamans, a sophomore at James Madison University, on one of several “No Parents on Facebook” groups that have popped up on the site. “I am excited to […]