Take a good look in the mirror

  • One of my clients had a problem and he asked for my advice. Hearing the problem and having an understanding of his relationship with some of his employees, I came up with a plan. Twisted, but effective.One of his employees, who he is friendly with, needed work done on a floor in the house. The employer knew a friend that could help and keep it cost effective. Long story short, the employer and the floor repair person went to the employee’s house to fix the floor. The employer introduced the floor repair person to the employee, and the floor repair person was showed the problem, finances were discussed and the work started being done. The employee was cooking and went to attend to pots on the stove while the employer and the repair person dealt with the floor.

    Eventually the employee went back to the room where the work was being done and it was empty. Looking around the employee found them in the living room laughing at YouTube videos. Scarlett Takes a Tumble is kinda funny, and she was a great sport about it. She uploaded a video explaining but it has been removed. Going a long with it for a minute the employee laughed but wanted the floor fixed and tried to subtly remind the repair person to get back to work.

    In which the employer said something like, “Oh, you mean like when you surf the internet and talk on the phone using company equipment on company time?”

    Ouch! But you have to admit – BOOYAH!!!

    I always suggest this type of scenario (if they can set it up) because it is 100% effective. Never had an employee yet say the person they hired to come to their house (or someone misusing their stuff) should actually be using their computer. It doesn’t happen, yet they are the first to tell the person to go back to work. When my client mentioned he was going to the employee’s house I said “Do it!”. Use the computer, watch TV, talk on the phone…do the same thing and see what happens.

    Because seriously, when employees do that SOMEONE pays for the loss of time and resources. It’s not free. Bank of America is laying of 30K-35K employees over the next three years. I laughed when I saw that. I feel bad but BoA was lax. I know of employees who spoke on the phone (long distance by the minute charges) for hours a day. And in one case it took at least two years for them to catch up with it. How do I know? Because that is how long it took for them to call my house and question why my number was on their phone bill. Very surprised my number was residential.

    If you’re one that wouldn’t be cool with the repair person watching TV on your time, perhaps you shouldn’t being using your employer’s resources. Sure, everyone needs a break but don’t abuse it.

    Just like every vote counts, each case of abuse adds up.

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