TalkTyme: Can we…?

I was done for today but I received a couple of questions about a new video uploaded on YouTube. Glancing at it, there is a strong possibility it won’t be up for long because it has YouTube Red footage in it. I’m addressing this before the video goes down. You can view it here.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting anyone should change their content. Thanks for sending me the link to it.

Taehyung cares for Jungkook

In the video, the OP said that Taehyung was keeping a close eye on Jungkook during performances and showed examples of those. Then, it was pointed out that Taehyung did what appears to be the “I love you” (ILY) symbol in sign language to Jungkook, who saw it and acknowledged it.

For argument’s sake, lets say Taehyung was giving Jungkook the ILY sign. Taehyung loves Jungkook, everyone knows that. He loves Jimin too. He loves all the members. If that is what Taehyung was doing, I hope it helped give Jungkook strength during what was clearly a trying time for him.

That Doesn’t Change the Facts

At then end of the day, the members and medical professionals know Jungkook’s wishes and acting on them seamlessly. When RM suggested the members leave, Jimin did not react. Taehyung quickly left the room, along with the others, because he is very much aware of Jungkook’s choice in this situation. That does not mean he and the others don’t care about Jungkook.

This isn’t the first time they’ve experienced a situation like this. It was the first time it was Jungkook. Back in 2015, Jimin fainted during a fansign in Japan. Many will never forget Jungkook having to finish Jimin’s parts, looking like he had cried. I hope not, but it is possible other members experienced something similar. This is the first time viewers are seeing the behind the scenes situation.

There is the argument that Taehyung couldn’t stand to watch Jungkook like that. IMO, that’s not true. Taehyung, as it is pointed out in the video, kept a watchful eye on Jungkook. That meant he watched Jungkook push his limits and still supported him. That shows how strong Taehyung is. Please do not insult Taehyung by saying he’s too weak to stay in the room and be supportive of someone he cares about. He deserves better than that.

Taehyung left quickly and waited outside because he respects Jungkook’s choice. He was waiting outside when Jungkook and Jimin came out. Taehyung obviously did not mind waiting outside because, as we saw in the teaser video, Taehyung is very good at speaking up when he wants to. We are going to see a different side of Taehyung next week. If you are a Taehyung fan, prepare yourself.


It is your decision to believe what you believe. If you enjoy TaeKook’s interactions, that is great. If you think they are real, then it’s time to look at all sides of the situation to make an informed decision. There is always more than one side to a situation. Only looking at interactions between Taehyung and Jungkook isn’t giving you the big picture.

As time passed, TaeKook’s relationship changed. Taehyung has changed a lot since that video footage was recorded. They all have. Taehyung and Jungkook simply do not spend as much time together as they once did. Taehyung’s been spending time with his friends and family, which is great. Jungkook has been spending more time with Jimin, friends and family. That’s also great. Do they still play video games together? They did last year, who knows about this year. Hopefully, they find time to hang out.

I mean, let’s be honest. All the large TaeKook sites have been pointing out the distance between them off and on since 2015, which is the time when JiKook became closer. The channel I linked to has a series of videos pointing out the problem periods between TaeKook.

What these sites aren’t telling you is where Jungkook made the choice to spend his time. I’m trying to be fair by showing both sides, which is annoying JiKook shippers to no end, but it is the truth. I link to the videos so you can watch the entire thing yourself and be informed.

BTS has been requesting fans open their eyes. They are undoing the pretty package so you can see the real them. I think they have more they would like to share but, due to fan reactions, they hesitate. Fans can continue to fight amongst each other or we can come together and show BTS fans are ready for what they have to share.

If I can acknowledge that Taehyung is important to Jungkook, if I can show both sides of the situation, can you (if you are a TaeKook shipper) admit that Jimin is important enough to Jungkook that he chose that Jimin is the one that stays during medical situations? Can we admit that if Jungkook wanted Taehyung to be the one to stay, that is what we would have seen? Can we agree that if Jungkook did not prefer Jimin in the room, he would have requested he leave just like he said no to taking his socks off?

The next episode we are going to see a side of Taehyung and Jin that we’ve never seen before. I hope they continue to share things with us long after Burn the Stage is over. It might be shocking for some at first, but it would be nice if we came together and accepted the truths they want to share. That we respect their choices and their rights to make them…even if we don’t agree with them.