TalkTyme: My problems with Battle of Azeroth

I had high hopes for Battle of Azeroth. The lore intrigues me. The world is beautiful but the questing?

TalkTyme: It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these, where I talk about what’s on my mind. Let do this!

My downfall lately has been consistency and I’m working on fixing that. I’ve been doing so much research in the background for what I want to do but that is no excuse not uploading, so my apologies. I started following lore, started writing and dropped into a rabbit hole.

No matter how much I love the lore of something, if I’m not enjoying the gameplay, it’s not working. World of Warcraft (WoW) is falling into that category. I mentioned previously I was looking forward to it as I hoped it would fix the issues I had with Legion. Playing in the beta, I was hopeful. The world is gorgeous so I didn’t want to spoil it too much, to prevent burnout. When it launched, the story intrigued me. I want to know what happens with the Zandalari, I’m curious what happens with Jaina and Sylvanas. Unfortunately, the gameplay has issues I’ve spoken about in the past that I don’t like (universally) in games. The grind is not a fun journey for me. Go kill this, go kill that, turn quest in, go right back to the same area and kill something else. To their credit, they do try to liven it up by having the player control an object to kill things but at the end of the day, I prefer them to give me all the quests in an area, let me kill them, move to the next. The way they do it, you have to complete a set of quests to unlock the next set so you can’t pick and choose if you want. Sometimes not completing an area stops other areas from opening up.

If the rewards were better, I might feel more inclined to do the grind, but the rewards are crappy. It’s like there is a drop drought. I remember days when my bags would be filled from questing and killing mobs. Not anymore.

The sad part? Once I finish leveling, the next grind starts – the reputation grinds. Tons of world quests, the command table. I don’t mind the command table but world quests…I don’t like having to rely on them. I expect world quests to be events that happen to supplement other activities, not something I have to do every time I play to advance in the game.

When BfA launched, I started off on the Horde side and was bored, so I decided to level my Druid on Alliance.  I had more fun playing in the old zones than I did in the new zones. What’s the point of leveling my Druid, to encounter this issue (because it is like that on the Alliance side as well in the new zones)? So I went back to the Horde side, picked up the Warlock this time, and tried another area to quest in. While I prefer Nazmir more, the rewards I received were so bad, I began to question why I was investing my time. I felt like I was wasting it.

Another thing that annoys me, and Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) probably broke this for me: once I solve the problem in an area, with all the phasing that is in WoW, it annoys me that when I go through the zone, it doesn’t look like I did anything. In ESO, if I resolve the problem, the zone reflects my changes. I see my progress as I go through the world. That in itself is satisfying.

Unfortunately, getting the lore I want is part of the leveling process if I want to do in-game lore and it sucks the leveling progress is so boring to me. I realize, right now, I am not their target audience and that’s fine. Blizzard should take the game in the direction they feel is best for them just as I feel I should do what interests me. It’s okay to part ways for awhile.

I have so many other games I want to delve into that forcing something that isn’t working makes no sense. I’ll see how it is in the next patch but the things I’m speaking of won’t be fixed that quickly.

As far as lore is concerned, there is WoW lore outside of the game, tons of it. I might delve into that. Honestly, I want to know how Dragon Age: Inquisitions ends! So much lore there…who knows?

I try to be positive about things. One of the advantages of being sick for so long: I have a backlog of lore from other games to lose myself in…and share with you!

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