TERA beta – While talking about EVE

Diversity makes us unique. Considering this, it is amusing how some people want everyone to like what they like. Having options for gaming is a good thing.

Last weekend there were some good beta events going on…same for this weekend. TERA, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, Guild Wars 2, and Diablo 3 to name of few, are available this weekend. In EVE, Jita is supposed to burn and Hulkageddon is supposed to begin. In WoW, ArenaPass opened up. It’s awesome when there are this many quality games to play.

Of course, there would be debates and arguments about whether some of these games are “quality” games. EVE players tend to dislike WoW players. Most gamers don’t like EVE players. TERA’s and GW2 are potential WoW killers…trollolololol

In the end, play what you want to play and enjoy yourself! There is no point in arguing or hating on someone’s else’s choice. If you left WoW to play EVE, it doesn’t mean WoW sucks (with 10M players???), it means you lost interest and found something you enjoy more. Even though EVE doesn’t have millions of players, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a great game. EVE is a great game, appealing to a niche audience more so than casual gamers. TERA and GW2 probably will not kill WoW just like SWTOR didn’t…it’s okay for WoW to exist. If a game truly sucks, no one will support it. Problem solved.

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