The A-List shuffle is finally happening

2007 predictions. The next week or so there will be many entries about it. When I read those, I think: who cares? Really, what shall be shall be. Occasionally I come across one that intrigues me. Mapping the Web has an interesting one:

Bridging the gap: Up until recently, the gap between A-list bloggers and the rest of the pack has been enormous. But the line is being blurred. More and more so called B and C-listers are making their way up the ladder. The days of the blogging elite are numbered.

It’s not a secret, I don’t care for the A-List. Not because I don’t think there should be one because “we” (society) put them there. I think it needed tweaking, some people/blogs needed to be removed. I don’t think A-Listers should be grandfathered (once one, always one). The A-List will always be around, it’s just being shuffled. There will always be elites. The reason why there will always be an A-List? Elite sites are needed. Here’s where Mapping the Web comes in as an example….

Disclaimer: I’m using Mapping the Web as an example. I am not saying the writer(s) want to be on the A-List (I have no idea) but I need an example to prove my point and lucky for them, they won the draw. 🙂

Mike Arrington is considered an A-List blogger, a leader in his field. Let’s say the reason why: he gets the tips/news first. If he’s breaking news, then he’s earned the right to be an A-List blogger. Mapping the Web reports web trends. If they do their job correctly, they will write about many of the things Mike Arrington says…and they do. That’s wonderful, Mapping the Web is doing their job right and I’m sure they have other sites on their radar as well. Mapping the Web has their own audience that is interested in their opinion on web trends. People will link to Mapping the Web and write about their articles just like I’m doing now, just like Mapping the Web did with TechCrunch. Who was at the top of this series of links? You got it! 🙂

If the A-List stopped blogging for a week, the B-List would be lost. Why? Because the B-List is still dependent on the A-List. That’s why they are B’s and not A’s but they are working their way up, as it should be. What is happening now that didn’t happen before, A’s are dropping from the list so it seems like A’s don’t have as much value. That’s a silly notion, get rid of it. Finally the A-List shuffle is happening and that’s a great thing. The A-List was stagnant for much too long. However, don’t think A-List bloggers aren’t needed. All the lists are needed, they serve a purpose.

A-List bloggers need everyone below them to stay on top. Everyone else needs A-List blog/bloggers for content/information/amusement, etc. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

The key (if one wants to be an A-List blogger) is to understand:

  1. Where they are in the food chain. If you’re a D don’t think you really are a C. It’s where society puts you not where you want to be.
  2. To be elite, you are independent. If you need other sites to have content for your own, the path to be an A is much harder.
  3. If you ever make it to an A, it’s a challenge staying up there because there will always be people who want to remove you from your slot.

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