The people need to check Nancy Pelosi

She risked the well-being of the people and she failed. We might not be able to replace her, but the people CAN make her bend.

I usually don’t talk about politics, but I felt the need to address Pelosi’s incompetence. She is hurting people, and we have the power to make changes. I try to give credit where it is due. Pelosi is great at fundraising as she raised $87M in 2019 for Democratic candidates. Let’s keep it real: she doesn’t need to be Speaker of the House to raise funds for the Democratic Party.

Pelosi claimed “nothing is better than something” while people’s unemployment benefits expired. Her privilege made her blind to what the people need. Last time I checked, bill collectors don’t want to hear, “nothing is better than something”. She rejected the Problem Solvers Caucus bipartisan plan for almost $2 trillion, which would have helped the economy.

This was in September 2020. I’m not saying the proposal would have passed in the Senate because the Senate was inadequate too. Pelosi rejecting this proposal weaken the economy. Some states are giving unused portions of the Cares Act to the people. Pelosi called Trump’s $1.8 trillion proposal “inefficient”. She refused to consider skinny bills to help the people and the economy. Instead, she used things congress agreed on as leverage for a larger bill. Pelosi’s still not cooperating in November 2020.

Her unwillingness to compromise caused people to vote for Biden while keeping the Senate Republican. Conversing with from both parties, they want a change in leadership. They don’t want Pelosi to be Speaker of the House. The only way to do that is to vote Republican, which is exactly what they did. This makes Biden’s job harder to fix and heal the chaos we’ve experienced for the pass 4 years.

She risked the well-being of the people, and she failed miserably.

Looking at how things are now, COVID-19 cases are at an all-time high for the United States. Experts predicted this. People would be inside, causing the virus to spread faster. They predict 390,000 deaths by February 1st. At the time of this writing, we’re at 247, 398. Restrictions are coming back because it is not safe to gather socially.

Let’s talk about the emotional issues people are experiencing. While some people’s finances are thriving during the pandemic, many aren’t. I interacted with many people who went through their savings due to unemployment. Many families dropped to one person earning an income as homeschooling is a priority. Not only are many worried about how to feed their families, how to keep a roof over their head and keep up on bills (with no money), Christmas is coming. Usually we see a rise in the economy during the holiday season. I fear how this season is in comparison to others with so many people in financial straits.

The Problem

There is one major problem with Pelosi: there isn’t a clear person to replace her. And she knows it. Even though the Democratic Party expressed frustration with Pelosi’s decisions. One Google search shows Pelosi has been a problem for years. It’s time we resolved the people, via the people.

Talking about another one-time $1200 stimulus check, after all this time, is ridiculous. What many people want, based on income brackets, is something like a flat $6000 per family or a monthly check. It needs to be a large amount so people can come out of this pandemic healthy and financially stable. Some people will get more than they “need” and that’s fine, because they will spend it. Get the rent, utilities, and bill paid up. Some will invest it in stocks or “splurge” when they couldn’t before. Others might help family members. For mental health, some might save it to take a well deserved vacation when it is safe to travel. Or relocate for better job opportunities when it is safe. The money will, eventually, trickle into the economy.

After months of stalled negotiations, the people need to send Pelosi a clear message. The needs of the people are a priority over her agendas. We do not want her re-elected if she is unable to compromise. Every time states open things up, cases rise. How many people have to die for the government to address the plights of the American people? Pass a skinny bill for the people now and pass a comprehensive bill when Biden takes office.

It’s time the people we elected start working for us, regardless of political party.