The Twitter debate…revisited

For business owners, it directly goes back to the business plan and that is the problem with the economy.

There is a debate going on concerning the use of Twitter and services like it. Specifically, whether the time invested in using the third party services is worth it in the end. Receiving real-time news and real-time conversations. Keep in mind the people discussing this are business owners. The question to me is:

What does the business plan say?

Does their business plans formulate how to effectively integrate third party services into their business model to ensure the maximum benefit is received? Does monitoring Twitter or Facebook outweigh holding a video chat and interacting with the viewers? What is the goal of using Twitter? If one accumulates thousands of followers on Twitter, then what? If there are more followers on third party sites than the main site is that a detriment to the business?

An average user of the service, a business owner wondering if there could be a gain from using the site or someone who “really” wants to create traffic to their blog from their followers from Twitter…these people all have different goals, different interests and could require different approaches to achieve their goals.

For business owners, it directly goes back to the business plan and that is the problem with the economy. People with no business knowledge are doing business and not attempting to enhance their business knowledge. Instead of thinking “this is a cool idea!” how about thinking it through first and realize the strengths and weaknesses in the idea? Is the time of the CEO (or other high level officer) best spent interacting on a third party site instead of building the company site or doing other officer related activities? If investors are involved can the time spent be realistically justified?

Those are the real questions. Maybe one day they’ll get around to answering them.

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