Theory: The importance behind the rose/pink colors in BTS’ comeback

What's with all this pink for BTS' Persona era? Wanting to believe you're someone you're not, looking at yourself through rose-colored glasses. I go in.

Ever since BTS released the concept photos for their upcoming album, Map of the Soul: Persona (which drops April 12), fans have been searching for any hidden clues or hints regarding their comeback.

While looking at the concept photos, you’ll see just how prominent the color pink is. Nearly all of the pictures have something pink in them — the carpet, the walls, Jimin’s hair in some pics, etc. BTS’ official website and Twitter are pink and it’s also looking like the cover art for all four versions of the album is going to be pink as well. The obsession with pink doesn’t bother me, but it made me curious what its meaning is, what its purpose is for this comeback. Suddenly it hit me, with one phrase popping into my mind —  rose-colored glasses.

The definition of rose-colored glasses, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary.

Rose-colored glasses is a phrase that means you tend to view life or a situation in a positive, optimistic way, to the point that you willingly begin to ignore the negative aspects of it. The Love Yourself: Her era is a good example of looking at something through rose-colored glasses — wanting to believe you found your true love, while completely ignoring the fact that you and your “soulmate” are incompatible, that the relationship has reached its breaking point.

The color pink is associated with love, acceptance and optimism, but it can also be linked to immaturity, lack of self-worth and having unrealistic expectations/avoiding reality. Since we’re in the Persona era, the pink represents BTS’ refusal to let go of their persona, their fake self. Instead of coming face-to-face with who they are and sharing it with the world, they instead decide to hide behind a mask, a character they’ve created that better reflects the person they want to be, not who they really are.

This ties in with Carl Jung’s theories on psychology — the persona is the social face an individual presents to the world. It’s a mask, a fictional character that is created to create a certain image or to deal with the people around you and survive in the world. This totally fits in with BTS role as K-pop idols. They are expected to live up to ridiculously high standards and behavior in way that garners respect and makes people want to look up to them. For fans, they hide away the parts of their personality that may be deemed unacceptable, or not fitting in with the perfection that is required for idols and replace them with traits that ARMYs claim they want to see from the guys.

Or maybe not. Since pink also represents vulnerability, maybe this era is about letting go of their persona and exposing the real BTS — as much as they can reveal about themselves. There’s a lot about BTS that even the most die-hard, most obsessed ARMY doesn’t know about the guys, because they haven’t shared that private side with us.

Well, I guess we’ll find out in six days how right (or wrong) I am about this. But you gotta admit, it is a solid theory.