Thief of Virtue – Gotta Read ‘Em All ~ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

When you read your first book in Skyrim and end up mind blown…

So…I started playing Skyrim a while back. I stopped when I reinstalled Windows. I’ve been meaning to pick it back up. I’m in the middle of a project right now. I think about the game often as it is one I want to finish.

I recorded the audio months ago. I came across it today and made the decision to set aside the time to edit and upload it today. I’m still chuckling even as I type this.

This was the first book I looted. This was the first book I read in Skyrim, since it was the first I looted. I had no idea…I mean, I was stunned. I admit, I don’t remember if I read books in Morrowind and Oblivion. It was so long ago, perhaps I did and I’ve forgotten. Which turned out great because this was a happy surprise.

I’ve looted tons of books since then in Skyrim. I wonder if they all pack a punch like this one? I hope there is a sequel!

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