This Song was a bitch to find, but it was worth it

For some songs, you just have to do a little digging.

I heard someone blasting this dope Latin/Urban song out of their car the other day while taking a walk. I didn’t recognize the song so I started tuning in to radio stations that played the song hoping to find it.

I found a station that plays it, but of course they never mentioned the name of the song or who was singing it. And I’m not fluent in Spanish to pick out the words so I can type the lyrics into Google. But I can recognize the “blah blah blah”, so what I did was opened YouTube, typed “blah blah blah” and listened through the videos that appeared in my results until I find the song. Thankfully, it was the third song that popped up.

The song is (you probably guessed it) “Blah” by Puerto Rican singer-rapper Mariah. She’s from Miami and was signed to Universal Music Latin Entertainment at the beginning to this year. The song is hella lit and was worth the search.





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