True change takes time

It's easy to forget sometimes that small changes, over time, can have the impact of large ones.

Recuperating from triple pneumonia. I don’t talk about it much but it has definitely been a journey. It is time to start living again, since I was blessed to LIVE. While people were praying for money, love, success, etc., I was praying to be able to breathe and not feel like I was drowning or to be able to speak and not cough.

Focusing on my health there are some things that went neglected…like my backyard. It’s a forest now (thank you Mother Nature for weeks of rain) and I’ve decided to take control of it. The kids and I have come up with a plan to go green (because areas we’d like to live in are focused on green living) and recreate the yard from a forest to something decent looking…using old school tools like a reel mower. Not only will that give our bodies an extra workout it will help my lungs. Although you normally don’t smell fumes from a lawnmower, the fumes are still there so I want to avoid breathing them in. By the end of the summer, our bodies and my lungs will be stronger.

The grass is cut! No small core for a reel mower but we feel so proud of ourselves! Everyone is cutting grass before it rains again…tomorrow. We took pictures before we did anything and, at the end of the summer, we’ll take more to see how much we progressed Or failed. Hopefully, we won’t destroy the yard…..

Often people think of change in the scope of large sweeping changes. Going from poor to rich, failing to successful, fat to thin, etc. without looking at the many little steps it takes to get there. For those not around me much, at the end of the summer, it might seem to them as the yard changed overnight, like night and day. In truth, it will take a lot of work and effort over time to receive the result we hope to have. Nothing is guaranteed.

You can’t rise like a phoenix overnight…true change takes time.