Trying to control negativity…

Driving along the same route you drive daily, seeing the scenery but not really paying attention, have you noticed something that you’ve never seen before? Then seeing the same things that have always been there, you open your eyes and see little things you never noticed before? If you experienced this, did you then wonder what else you missed even though you drive the same route each day?

Reality (perception) is a tricky thing. In business, as an owner, it’s very easy to convince yourself that your hard work equals an awesome company when, in truth, the company could be severely lacking. In relationships it’s easy to convince yourself an individual has good intentions when in reality, they do not. The key is to read the signs and accept them as truth. If a lot of users are complaining about your company’s bad service, then it most likely could be improved. If your mate is hurting you and know it, question their intentions.

There will be times in business when people complain but the price they are asking is too high. If you believe in quality products (meaning the cost is higher) and people complain about the price, what do you do? Sacrifice the quality to please the customers or keep going as is and work harder to find your target market?

It is dangerous to ignore negative statements about your blog, product, or service. People do this on blogs all the time by deleting negative comments. To make the blogger/writer feel better he or she might say the comments are personal attacks and the sad thing is that the comments probably feel like personal attacks when in spirit, the person was trying to convey their thoughts. It is hard to accept negative feedback of any type from something one works hard at. The thing to remember: deleting the comments only stops the comments from showing up. It doesn’t stop people from thinking the thoughts they are thinking. Expressing their thoughts to their friends, on their blog, on Twitter, etc. (this is a much worse position). It doesn’t stop the problems from being there.

If you delete comments, think about why you are “really” deleting them? Are they really troll-type comments or are you just trying to hide the fact that you suck?

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