Victory…sort of…

I’ve been looking for an old friend for a long time. To make a long story short, I was told he was dead and he isn’t. I was told he was still in the military and started searching for him. I found out he’s not in the military anymore and hasn’t been in a while.  So I continued the search becoming more determined since I finished school and had more time to do it.

Today, I confirmed that the contact methods I have are for him! There’s just one problem….I haven’t spoken to him. I have two possible phone numbers that I am scared to death to call (ok you can call me chicken this one time), a couple of email addresses and two P.O. Box addresses. I sent him an email and I am going to send a postal letter if the email thing doesn’t work – but that means waiting. I don’t want to wait. I want “something” that says for sure “yes, it’s me, I’m alive and well…what’s up?” and I want it now. Which is ironic because it doesn’t look like he’s on the net often since the websites I found are kind of abandoned. But hey, they’re up.

Why am I scared to call? I haven’t spoken to him in a decade or so and what exactly do I say? “Oh hi! I’m looking for _______, specifically the one from _________, who I thought was dead but I found out was alive. Are you that guy?” I can’t imagine what I would say but I can imagine me stampering and stuttering when I should be smooth as silk.

But I am taking pride in the fact the contact methods I have are him.

Now…I wait…which I completely suck at.