We are our choices

Change your perspective and take a good look at all the opportunities.

Remember when you thought of a cool idea with the excitement children have? You woke up thinking about it and went to sleep thinking about it. During the day you couldn’t stop yourself from trying to figure out how to make the ideas in your head come to life. The “idea” could be a hobby, a career, a relationship or a desired object like wanting to buy a house. Remember those times?

I used to be like that about gaming. I decided to share my gaming journey. With a ridiculous amount of excitement, I started writing gaming articles. My sites began to blow up, turning into businesses. I closed them when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, so I could focus on her. After she died, I missed sharing my gaming journey, so I eventually started uploading gaming videos on YouTube. I was in my happy place.

Then shit happened.

YouTube changed 1,283,845 times, making it challenging for content creators to peacefully upload content. YouTube’s ContentID system makes it easy to receive false claims. It wasn’t copyright issues so much because I don’t play music in the games I uploaded and I had permission to upload them. I found myself jumping through hoops for “invisible” advertisers. I didn’t know who they were, and they weren’t my target audience. Not like they were the ones watching my videos, right? I realized I was making content to appease companies I didn’t care about, moving away from the content I wanted to make. The content that made me happy.

Youthful enthusiasm — dead.

We’ve all gone through something like this, right? After you’ve been burnt, when you come up with a cool idea the “youthful excitement” is replaced with “what crap will come up and how can I avoid it?”. Often, the cool idea dies in a fiery death before it had a chance to fail because it was never started in the first place.

I realized I was in that negative headspace.


It’s easy to slip into a negative headspace this year. 2020 has been The Year of Truth for me. I opened my eyes, accepted the facts and changed my perspective. I refuse to be delusional.

  • People are going to act right so this pandemic can end! No.
  • Racism is decreasing! Hell no.
  • Discrimination is decreasing! Nope.
  • Sexual abuse is going down! Um…no.
  • Businesses care about their customers…😂😂😂 I can’t even finish this one.
  • The government is going to get their shit together and help people, sigh…obviously not without playing games.

The list is long. I’ve started the habit of washing up after I read the news because it made me mentally feel better. I decided, in the middle of all this crap, it was time for a change. It’s not like I stopped having the “cool ideas”. I didn’t. I talked myself out of doing anything with those ideas until I made one simple change.

I realized that is how I approach life these days. I find it hard to escape all the crap going on in the world and getting frustrated at how bad things have become. Even when things are going great for me, the news is depressing,

What if I change the word “idea” to “opportunity”? I enjoy sharing my gameplay because I connect with intelligent, like-minded people. I always learn something new. Why not focus on connecting with intelligent, like-minded people and learning something new? That’s a whole new level of opportunities.

For example, a new game seems like fun. An idea pops into my mind for videos around it. Immediately, YouTube’s algorithm and hoop jumping come to mind. It’s automatic now, but what if I move past that and think of the opportunities that appeal to me if I continue? I could write articles and bypass YouTube all together (which is appealing to me more and more lately). Smaller videos, uploaded to YouTube, would reduce the likelihood of the algorithm falsely flagging my videos. Yes, it could hinder the growth of my channel because YouTube likes longer videos (to show more ads). Do I care? Not anymore. Why? It’s not about YouTube. It’s about what makes me happy. I could upload clips to Twitter. I could do a podcast on YouTube talking about games. There are many opportunities for me to share my gaming content if I want to. Or, there is a huge door of opportunity for me to do something different, because I have lots other interests.

The choice is mine. Sometimes, we forget we have options.