What age do you plan to retire?

What age do you plan to retire?

When I feel like it. I’m serious, I don’t have a set number.

When I was growing up, when someone retired they quit their job and never worked again. Today things are very different. The retirement age is higher, people are able to work longer and more important (being realistic) people have to work longer to survive.

But those things have nothing to do with why I don’t have a set age for retirement.

I’m not the kind to retire, sit on my ass and do nothing. I’m not a workaholic like Oprah…I guess I’m more like Dave Winer in this regard. He has the wealth (it seems) to not have to work but still dabbles in different projects. I think most people have an unrealistic view of retirement. The common image that comes to mind is relaxing, enjoying the world, life with little problems or worries. That is not what most people experience when they retire and I intend to enjoy life right now.

Have you noticed wealthy people don’t retire? I noticed this when I worked in the accounting field. Unless born into money the wealthy don’t have a problem working and actually enjoy it. I learned through experience that with increased wealth comes increased responsibilities, obligations and expenses. Fortunately for the wealthy, they usually don’t mind dabbling in new projects. It’s how they created their wealth in the first place – with a strong desire for success.

I guess a better question for me is when do I hope to be in a position where financially, I no longer have to worry about expenses? I’m getting close to the number…I better get cracking, huh?

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